Potential issue with handleMIDI in BLOCKS Dashboard beta


I’m creating my own scripts in BLOCKS Dashboard - I’ve made a custom MIDI controller that I can use for live performances with Ableton.

I’m communicating between the blocks and Ableton using MIDI CC messages - it’s working really well for messages sent to Ableton but I’m having trouble reliably receiving messages using handleMIDI. My function looks like:

void handleMIDI(int byte0, int byte1, int byte2)
    if (0xB0 & byte0)
        handleCC(byte1 & 0x7F, byte2 & 0x7F);

I’ve used a MIDI monitor Max for Live device and it looks like Ableton is sending the right CC messages but the values (byte2) coming in to handleMIDI are often incorrect and seem to be random. It also definitely doesn’t seem to keep up when lots of messages come through.

I don’t think I can debug any further with the tools I’ve got so I’d appreciate any help!


If the MIDI messages coming into the handleMIDI() method are junk it’s most likely an issue with the MIDI driver. Can you try using an external MIDI monitoring tool like MIDI Monitor to check that the messages are valid?


MIDI Monitor was really useful! It looks like it’s the Max for Live plugin that I was using that’s getting mixed up. Time to switch to a different one.

Thank you!