Passing variables between two blocks


Is it possible to pass variables from a block (ie lightpad) to another (ie developper loop block) code

let’s say i got an ‘independant’ little foot script of nearly 7kb running nicely on lightpad block, with faders. then i dlike to display a representation of a fader value on the leds bar located on top of attached loop block, or lets say current pressure value. Since loop block is limited to smaller memory of 3kb, i can’t upload same code, so im assuming each block must have its own different program uploaded ‘localy’ and set/get a part of shared heap memory but im failing currently.
any clues on the way to proceed?


Are you using Dashboard or the BLOCKS SDK?


im using dashboard here


so how can we share datas, still struggling. ie the dev block would have an integer button id stored in memory somewhere and i would like to access that to swich a ‘page’ in my lighpad script.