OK --- so Littlefoot or JUCE?


OK , just downloaded the Dashboard Beta, updated the firmware on my lightpad block and now I’d like to write some simple programs with Littlefoot inside the Dashboard app.
But how?
If I click on Help | Littlefoot Language Documentation, I get a webpage that has some introductory comments about its syntax, a trivial example of a repaint() function and then everything following is C++ and the JUCE SDK.

So assuming that one can write complete programs with Littlefoot, where are the docs for it?



The documentation on that page is a little out of date and there are now a lot more built-in functions that you can use in your LittleFoot scripts. We’re working on getting the documentation for these updated on the site and eventually built into Dashboard itself but for the time being here is a text file with all the available methods documented - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0CtoheRNCRxa3ZIaWZjcldYMWM/view?usp=sharing.

Most of these are methods that you can call in your LittleFoot scripts to do stuff on the Lightpad or send messages but the methods at the bottom of the file below the divider are callbacks that you can override in your scripts to receive information when an event like a touch happens.

Hope this helps.



Perfect!!! Now it’s feasible to play with the beta.