Exemples Complie Error '


Hi, I could successfully test code with dashboard wich is amzing, but wanted to go further with sdk
When trying to compile one of the exemples (Blocks monitor Vs2015)
i get the following error:

Error C2259 ‘juce::PhysicalTopologySource::Internal::TouchSurfaceImplementation’ : impossible d’instancier une classe abstraite BlocksMonitor e:\0_roli_blocks\juce-grapefruit-windows\juce\modules\juce_blocks_basics\topology\juce_physicaltopologysource.cpp 987

in english: ‘impossible to instance abstract class’.

any idea?


You need to be on the tip of the develop branch of JUCE found here to use the BLOCKS examples. The SDK is regularly being updated and the version of JUCE from the website doesn’t contain these changes.


Ok thanks, indeed now that compiles correctly :),
got app crash tho as soon a s exe trigged, but gonna invertigate